Designing the right filtration system is dependent on a number of variables. Ultrapure specialists provide custom water solutions to meet your specific water quality requirements. Ultrapure offers a variety of filtration options including automatic custom systems, cartridge filtration, bag filtration, multi-media, carbon, micron and sub micron filters. Turnkey engineering and water treatment/purification systems is available where filtration works with deionization, water softening, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet instrumentation.

Your Ultrapure Specialist can provide custom filtration solutions and products to meet your specific filtration requirements and quality standards. Whether your source water is surface, ground or reclaim, Ultrapure can provide equipment, consumables, components, and service for numerous commercial, general industry, high purity, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and water service applications. Technologies available range from Particle Filtration, Depth Filtration, Carbon Filtration, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis and Gas Filtration. Validated products are also available for applications meeting tight standards such as but not limited to: 510(k), AAMI, ASTM, ISO 3696, NCCLS, USP PW, USP WFI, EP.  Commercial, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Medical, Laboratory and Hemodialysis are industries served by Ultrapure & Industrial Services through brand names like Culligan, Pentek, Minntech, GE, Filmtec, Koch, Toray, Dow, Liqui-Cel, ResinTech, PTI, Domnick Hunter,Parker Advanced Filtration, Strainrite and Amiad.

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Amaid Self-Cleaning Filtration

Amaid Water Systems

Access to clean water is one of the world's greatest challenges - for drinking, industry and irrigation. For more than 50 years, Amiad has helped meet this vital need by providing outstanding filtration technology to industrial, municipal and irrigation users around the world.

Amiad Water Systems are more than just effective and reliable - they're environmentally sound:

  • No chemicals
  • A bare minimum of back-flush water
  • Reduced energy demand

Small footprint saves valuable installation space.

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Filtration Products

GE Filters and Membranes - GE recently launched the Z.Plex Depth Filter product line. This patented technology provides unmatched performance by offering superior particle holding capacity with absolute filtration while maintaining a lower pressure drop than other conventional depth filters. Learn more about GE's Filters and MembranesClick here for GE's complete Cartridge Filters and Housings Catalog.

Strainrite - Cleaning in Place (CIP) Filtration - Click here for Strainrite's CIP filter catalog.

Strainrite Pleated Products - Strainrite’s complete offering of pleated filter cartridges. Strainrite manufactures in our clean rooms application specific, Biopharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, as well as General grade pleated membranes and depth filter cartridges. Manufactured and designed in the USA, Strainrite offers one of the broadest pleated filter cartridge (mix, offerings, products) available. MADD-MAXX filters are engineered for critical high purity applications, optimizing throughput while maintaining an absolute rated performance that is consistent and reliable. Our filters feature a media structure with high surface area and increased void volume, as well as optimized pore size geometry. Learn more about Strainrite pleated products.

Filtration Spectrum
What is your Source Water?


Typical Properties of Source Waters

 Source Turbidity NTU Color  TOC TDS SDI
River High, with seasonal variation Moderate Moderate to High Low  > 5
Lake/Pond Low, with seasonal variation High, with seasonal variation High Low  > 5
Well Low Low Moderate Low to high  < 5
Municipal Low to moderate Low Low to moderate Low to moderate  > 5 or < 5
Brackish Low Low Low to moderate Moderate to high  > 5
Seawater Low to moderate Low Low High  > 5

Definition of Characterization

Parameter/Values Low Moderate High
Turbidity -NTU 1-10 10-25 >25
Color -PtCO <10 15-30 >30
TOC -ppm <1 2-10 >10
TDS -ppm 10-150 150-2500 >2500 - Brackish

What is your source water? pdf