Ultrapure is proud of our fully trained service staff. One our goals is to give you a unequaled service experience. Call us today to experience the Ultrapure difference! Ultrapure & Industrial Services is fully staffed with Master Technicians that are trained in every aspect of water treatment equipment for companies or facilities that require the minimum of quality water standards to those that require very high quality.

Full Service Maintenance Contracts will help you maintain a set water quality standard. This requires proper monitoring and preventive maintenance of water treatment equipment involved. From full-service maintenance programs to periodic checks of your systems, if you have a need we can provide the solution.

In general, the Preventive Maintenance Agreement includes:

  • Provides documentation of component operation
  • Reduces the likelihood of a major system failure
  • Allows you to schedule downtime for services and repairs at YOUR convenience
  • Extends the life of the system
  • Provides savings through automatic discounts, of 10% on catalog replacement parts
  • Generally reduces repair costs and protects against downtime
  • Provides an annual project operations cost for services and expendables
  • Provides Priority Emergency Service

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