Ultrapure & Industrial Services provides the highest quality instrumentation for the HPW and UPW industry ranging from conductivity to resistivity in water quality as well as Flow, TDS, pH. We also provide TOC analyzers in the ppb and ppt area for both the semiconductor and pharmaceutical arenas.

We have a wide range of both handheld and online monitors. Online instruments can include communication with PLC and SCADA systems via 4-20mA and RS232 and other methods on demand. Our distributor relationship with these instrument manufacturers allow us to be very competive in the market and we provide onsite and off site calibration services for these instruments. Supply of ancillary hardware and software for SCADA/HMI systems is available. 

Ultrapure is able to bring you instrumentation from Thorton, Sievers, Anatel, and Hach

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ANATEL PA700 Total Organic Carbon Analyzers: The PAT700 TOC analyzer fully complies with all global pharmacopeias (USP, EP, JP) requirements. The ANATEL PAT700 fully oxidizes each sample guaranteeing the most accurate TOC result that follow EP2.2.44 guidelines. Production uptime is assured with the ANATEL PAT700 main and standby dual UV lamp design, making the PAT700 the ideal choice for on-line TOC release. Maximize production uptime with the ANATEL PAT700. Read about all of the benefits of the ANATEL PAT700.

Thorton Intelligent Transmitter Series:

M100: Compact and Robost. Unequalled simplicity in hazardous areas. The M100 is the first transmitter for analytical measurements based on a compact, head mount design. The multi-parameter M100 with ISM technology covers measurement of pH/ORP, oxygen, and conductivity. 

M300: Convenient and Easy to Use.  For basic process applications. The M300 is available as a singleor dual-channel unit. The dualchannel, multi-parameter solution offering a combination of pH/ORP, oxygen, and conductivity, makes the transmitter ideal for many applications.

M400: Versatile and Intelligent. Advanced process control. The M400 is a single-channel, multi-parameter transmitter. The same unit can handle different parameters depending on the model chosen. This transmitter series features advanced ISM functionality and provides real-time status information from the sensor for true predictive maintenance.

M400: 2-Wire: Reliable and Intelligent. For hazardous area applications. With its rugged design and approvals for hazardous area use, the M400 2-wire transmitter series provides operating assurance even in the most challenging environments. In combination with METTLER TOLEDO’s advanced ISM technology, this means the M400 2-wire unit offers greater process reliability and safety in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

M700: Modular and Adaptive. Seemless integration. Flexible use of plug-in modules means the M700 transmitter allows combined measurements from analog and digital ISM sensors, as well as later expansion or modifications. Fieldbus communication capabilities ensure seamless integration of measurement data and sensor diagnostics into process control systems. 

M800: Powerful and Flexible. Touch the future. The advantages of the M800 multiparameter, multi-channel transmitter are clear: high flexibility, less complexity, and reduced training and inventory. M800 1-channel allows mixed mode (analog /ISM) inputs possibility.

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