Commercial and industrial water treatment solutions vary widely by industry. Different industries require very different purity specifications and environmental considerations. Ultrapure systems and services are completely custom and tailored specifically to the amount of water needed, quality level required and application of the purified water.

Healthcare &

Healthcare and laboratory facilities demand high-purity and softened water to meet strict safety standards and support daily operations like sterile processing services (SPS), laundry and laboratory work. Ultrapure has experience working with many of these institutions, providing each with efficient and effective water systems to solve their specific needs.

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Healthcare Research & Development 
  • University Research & Development 
  • Laboratories 
  • Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing
  • Cosmetics R&D and Manufacturing

Oil, Gas & Power

The oil, gas and power industries run on high-quality, purified water – with millions of gallons used daily. In addition to the requirements for water quality, treatment systems must comply with strict environmental standards. With a proven record of best-in-class technology and service, Ultrapure is equipped to provide effective solutions for both upstream and downstream water applications.

  • Chemical Processing
  • Oil
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Energy Production


The production of microelectronics requires high-purity water, the removal of heavy metals, wastewater management and water recycling. Ultrapure’s extensive product selection and customized service plans result in the most successful, cost-effective water treatment solutions for this growing industry.

  • Microelectronic R&D and Manufacturing

Food & Beverage

High-quality water is critical to food and beverage production. It is used in many different parts of the facility, from cleaning equipment to its incorporation in recipes. Ultrapure has the engineering experts, service specialists and top-of-the-line equipment to address all applications, such as boilers and cooling towers, process water, supply water and more.

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Agriculture & Dairy
  • Breweries & Distilleries

& Facilities

Water treatment for commercial and facilities is crucial to ensuring that restaurants, hotels and other businesses are able to provide the best experience possible for their clients and guests. With flexible service contracts, as well as long-term and short-term rental options, Ultrapure works with a wide range of commercial accounts, addressing needs such as simple softening, reverse osmosis or even more high-purity applications.

  • Hospitality 
  • Office Buildings
  • Car Washes
  • Schools
  • Government/Military Bases

Industry &

The purity of water used in manufacturing directly impacts the quality of goods and services sold. Plus, active management of water quality is required to maintain compliance with environmental and safety standards. High-purity water systems are the backbone of what Ultrapure does. From simple to complex, the Ultrapure team can bring years of experience to design or service a wide range of systems.

  • Light Manufacturing – Aerospace & Automotive
  • Mining & Metals
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Marine
  • Municipal Water Treatment & Remediation

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