Water Filtration

Designing the right filtration system is dependent on a number of variables. Whether your source water is surface, ground or reclaim, Ultrapure can provide equipment, consumables, components and service for many different applications. Filtration options include automatic custom systems, cartridge filtration, bag filtration, multimedia, carbon, micron and sub-micron filters. These various filtration types can be combined  with deionization, water softening, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet instrumentation for a complete and turnkey water purification system.

Carbon Filtration

For the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor, carbon filters are an effective filtration option. As water passes through the filter’s pores, contaminants in the water adhere to the carbon through a process called adsorption. Carbon filters do not remove dissolved solids, fluorides, heavy metals or minerals, so they must be used with additional treatment methods for more complete water purification. In addition, carbon filters require regular replacement, as they become less effective when the surface area of the carbon is saturated with contaminants.

Multimedia Filtration

Multimedia filters contain three or more layers of filtration media, with each layer progressively sized in coarseness and depth. The various layers are stacked with the coarsest and densest media at the bottom and the lighter, finer media, at the top. This layering results in the largest contaminants to be trapped in the first layer of the filter, with smaller contaminants making their way into lower layers. Benefits of this multimedia filtration include increased flow rates and longer time periods between required backwashing.

Micron and Sub-Micron Filtration

Micron and sub-micron filters work to reduce many different contaminants from water. A micron is the measurement of a filter cartridge’s pore size, and the lower the micron rating, the more contaminants the filter will reduce. Sub-micron filtration assists in treating contaminants such as mercury, lead, sediment and large bacteria. However microscopic, ionic or atomic materials are still able to pass through these filters.

Available Water Filtration Products

Available Ultrapure filtration technologies include particle filtration, depth filtration, carbon filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and gas filtration. Validated products are also available for applications requiring standards such as but not limited to: 510(k), AAMI, ASTM, ISO 3696, NCCLS, USP PW, USP WFI, EP.

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