A custom and complete solution, Ultrapure reverse osmosis systems can handle a wide range of flow requirements and salinity levels. Configurable designs offer total flexibility and maximize cost savings. The membrane technology reduces more than 99 percent of contaminants, and water treated with reverse osmosis is suitable for many different high-purity applications.

Reverse Osmosis Treatment Process

Reverse osmosis is the process of forcing water through a semipermeable membrane to reduce impurities and additional contaminants. It does this in four separate stages. To begin, pressurized water passes through a particle filter to remove salt, sand and sediment. The water then moves through an activated carbon filter, which traps minerals and contaminants such as chlorine, mercury, copper and pesticides. The pressurized water is pushed through the semipermeable membrane where the smallest impurities are removed. In the final stage of reverse osmosis, contaminants are flushed away as the treated water moves to a storage tank and undergoes a final activated-carbon filtration to improve quality before use.

System Highlights
  • Simple System Integration
  • Global Product Platform
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Quick Delivery / Easy Installation
  • Culligan® CP+ Controller


Featured Products

This is a list of select reverse osmosis products available through Ultrapure. If you don’t see a certain brand or model, simply contact the Ultrapure team for assistance and their water experts will work with you to determine a custom solution to address your needs.

Case Study

Decker Power Plant

The Decker Power Plant started out as an RFQ for replacement of the existing Demin units with a 150 gpm doublepass RO.

See how the Ultrapure team tailored a solution to their needs.

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