Water Softening

Water softeners work to remove calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese from commercial or industrial water supplies. Ultrapure can source, design and engineer a water softening system to meet your particular application and flow rates – whether you require a single tank or up to 6 vessels. The Ultrapure team also services existing equipment and has the ability to retrofit your current setup with the latest technology, such as metered systems, aqua sensors, progressive flow and brine reclaim.

Water Softening Treatment Process

Water softeners utilize a process called ion exchange. A typical water softener consists of a softener tank and brine tank. Specially formulated resin beads fill the softener tank, while salt or potassium chloride pellets fill the brine tank.

As water enters the softener, it flows through the resin beads. Resin has a negative charge, which attracts the positively charged minerals in the water. Eventually, the beads reach their softening capacity and become unable to attract additional mineral ions. At this point, the softener tank regenerates with the help of the brine tank. During regeneration, salty water from the brine tank flows into the softener tank and washes mineral deposits from the resin beads. The regenerated water and the mineral deposits are flushed out using a discharge hose before the system reverts back to softening.

Ultrapure’s scalable and large-capacity water softeners use state-of-the-art technology to achieve greater efficiency, higher flow rates and lower operating costs, helping businesses of any size prevent costly maintenance and repairs.

System Highlights
  • Simple System Integration
  • Global Product Platform
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Quick Delivery / Easy Installation
  • Exclusive Culligan Advanced Electronics


Featured Products

This is a list of select softening products available through Ultrapure. If you don’t see a certain brand or model, simply contact the Ultrapure team for assistance and their water experts will work with you to determine a custom solution to address your needs.

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