Ultrapure Takes Service Seriously

One of Ultrapure’s main goals is to give customers an unequaled service experience. Therefore, the Ultrapure team is fully staffed with Master Technicians trained in every aspect of water treatment equipment and processes. The training and diverse experience help us better serve clients whether they require the minimum water quality standards or the highest.

Sanitization & Passivation

Whether part of a scheduled maintenance protocol or done after a major overhaul, the cleaning of your system is a delicate process. Sanitization and passivation of new and existing equipment or piping systems is a critical step in your system’s performance and reliability.

Maintenance & Water Analysis

Ultrapure’s maintenance contracts and water analysis services help you maintain a set water quality standard. From full-service programs to periodic checks of your systems, Ultrapure can provide the solution to any maintenance request.

System Design & Consultation

Effective treatment begins with successful design. Ultrapure’s knowledge of water technology is coupled with a diverse group of suppliers and manufacturers, allowing us to provide custom solutions with the latest design systems available – plus any documents needed for bidding or specifying.

Deionization Exchange

Deionization tanks eventually exhaust their capacity to treat the water and need to be regenerated or rebedded. To support Ultrapure’s full-line of deionization products, they offer in-house regeneration of single and mixed-bed tanks, whether the tanks are customer-owned or owned by Ultrapure.

Calibration & Instrumentation

Ultrapure provides maintenance, troubleshooting, verification, and calibration services for many online instruments – either on-site or in their Dallas facility. The Ultrapure team specializes in total organic carbon (TOC), conductivity/resistivity, flow and pH instrument equipment, with very detailed document packages for all services provided.

Mobile Filtration

As a SUEZ Channel Partner, Ultrapure is able to bring customers access to the world’s largest fleet of mobile water treatment systems. Mobile capabilities include emergency service, and supplemental service, as well as extended term outsourcing.

Get in Touch With an Ultrapure Expert

If you’re looking to increase your ROI, protect critical equipment or meet strict industry and safety standards, contact one of Ultrapure's experienced engineers to learn how a full-service approach to water treatment can benefit your business.







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