With systems designed to utilize various wavelengths of ultraviolet light, Ultrapure UV technology can be used for total organic carbon (TOC) reduction, chlorine/chloramine destruction, ozone destruction and microbial disinfection. These products are recommended as part of a larger treatment system, as they work to enhance other methods, including water softening, water filtration, reverse osmosis, high-purity DI and electrodeionized water systems.

Ultraviolet Treatment Process

Ultraviolet water purification works to reduce bacteria and harmful pathogens in water. Ultraviolet light is found on the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum between x-ray and visible light. In order for this light to kill microorganisms, its rays must strike the cell to sterilize them. The process does not remove any particles from the water or alter its chemical makeup. Instead, it prevents DNA reproduction of the cell.

In these treatment systems, UV lamps never come in direct contact with the water. They are either housed within a sleeve in the water chamber or mounted outside transparent tubes. Flow rate is especially important to consider in this treatment process, because a flow rate that is too high will not provide the water ample time to be exposed to the UV light. In addition, a flow rate that is too low can cause too much heat to build up and damage the treatment system.

Ultrapure is a licensed distributor of Aquafine UV systems and replacement parts. Their engineers can customize a UV system to meet your requirements based on water quality, flow rate and application. This offering allows Ultrapure to provide you with the best possible combination of performance and price to meet your needs.

System Highlights
  • Easy maintenance – No filters or regeneration required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No added chemicals
  • Flexible configurations
  • Quick delivery / Easy installation


Featured Products

This is a list of select UV products available through Ultrapure. If you don’t see a certain brand or model, simply contact the Ultrapure team for assistance and their water experts will work with you to determine a custom solution to address your needs.

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