A leading provider of high purity water, Ultrapure specializes in the installation, maintenance and regeneration of deionization systems and tanks. Offering both close-loop and exchange tank configurations, the Ultrapure team has designed and installed state-of-the-art water treatment systems for hospitals, laboratories, schools, restaurants and more for over 75 years.

Deionization Treatment Process

The goal of deionization is to remove dissolved salts and minerals from water. Deionization uses an ion-exchange process in which water flows through resin. Cation resin exchanges hydrogen ions (H) for positive ions, while anion resin exchanges hydroxide ions (OH-) for negative ions. If a higher quality of water is needed, mixed-bed systems may be utilized. In mixed-bed deionization, cation and anion resin are mixed to produce several single-bed ion-exchange sites within the tank.

Because deionization does not significantly reduce uncharged organic molecules, viruses or bacteria, we recommend this solution as part of a complete water treatment system as illustrated below. Ultrapure offers custom systems incorporating DI with water softening, chemical injection, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilizers, submicron filtration and more.

Ultrapure Deionization Tanks

Ultrapure deionization tanks remove spot-causing minerals from city water. Ultrapure provides either separate bed or mixed-bed configuration sets depending on the level of contaminants in a customer’s specific feed water.

Standard Deionized Tanks

Ultrapure’s standard deionized tanks use the finest semiconductor grade resins –including cation, anion and mixed-bed resins, as well as activated carbon. These resins are regenerated in high-quality regeneration facilities located throughout the United States.

Culligan Portable Exchange Deionizers

Culligan Portable Exchange Deionizers (PEDI) are part of a multiple-process treatment system that produces high-quality water required for specialized applications. When PEDI tanks are exhausted, an Ultrapure expert replaces the ion exchange tanks, reducing on-site labor and regenerant chemical handling.

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