Ozonation is a chemical treatment process based on the infusion of ozone into water, and as a powerful oxidizer, it efficiently disinfects loops, tanks and permeates. Ozone can be added at several points throughout a water treatment system, assisting with the reduction of organic and inorganic matter, pesticides, disinfection byproducts and more. Ultrapure’s ozone products provide clients with integrated systems, and ongoing monitoring ensures that the production of ozone matches the requirements of the unique application.

Ozonation Treatment Process

The ozonation process consists of multiple steps, and successful ozone systems require four basic elements – feed gas preparation, ozone generation, mass transfer, and control. The first stage of ozonation involves compressing air from the atmosphere and feeding it through valves into a chamber. The valves move back and forth to vary the pressure in the chamber, alternating between vacuum and pressure cycles. This air then breaks down to separate nitrogen and oxygen, leaving free O2 to move into an oxygen tank. The free O2 eventually progresses to an ozone generator, where an electric current is used to charge the O2 and change it into O3. The O3 is then applied to the water for disinfection. .

With benefits including more effective disinfecting power, fewer safety concerns and shorter contact times, ozone solutions from Ultrapure are ideal for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.

System Highlights
  • Powerful but User-Friendly
  • Self-Contained, Compact System
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Easy Installation


Featured Products

This is a list of select ozonation products available through Ultrapure. If you don’t see a certain brand or model, simply contact the Ultrapure team for assistance and their water experts will work with you to determine a custom solution to address your needs.

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